Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Balloon Hat for Grampie

Happy Birthday to my great hubby today. 

Caitlin was by earlier this week perfecting her balloon hat making skills.   She learned and tested all the various balloon locking techniques.  She quickly caught on to the techniques. 

And ta da.... Here is Caitlin presenting her hat creation.  This is grampie's " I love my unicorn hat face". 

Happy Birthday Hubby!!


Linda H said...

Looks like Mert is really thrilled with that hat!! lol Happy Birthday Mert!! How was Vince Gill?

dp said...

He actually looks a lot like Vince Gill in that picture. I bet he sings like him too.. I hear he (Mert) comes from a very musical family!

cpm said...

bahahahaha! I love his "thrilled" look! Too funny!