Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tassimo Latte

I have a new-to-me Tassimo coffee brewer (Thanks Patience) that has been in the family for a few years.  It's the first time I've had one of these single serve coffee machines.   Each of our three daughters has a Keurig.  I really didn't get what all the fuss was about.  But when we travel south, it gave us something to look for to buy for the girls.  We always try to bring back some of the K-cups flavors for them that are not in Canada. 

But now that I have my Tassimo, I am really enjoying it, every day and I do understand what the fuss is about.    It's usually about mid-morning when I get the urge for a cup of something....  So for the last month, rather than slip out to Tim Horton's for a medium with milk, I just make my own.

When I first got the Tassimo, I discovered my daily coffee mugs weren't big enough.  So I bought a few big mugs.   Then I read on the side of the Tassimo package, that in order to get the full decadent experience, the lattes should be brewed in a heatproof CLEAR mug.   

So, in my birthday package from the triplets and family last weekend, I got a pair of clear heatproof mugs.  Today was the first day that I'm around to have my usual latte.  I was so excited to finally see what my lattes have been looking like all along.   And you know, I do think that the visual experience does make the latte even better. Don't you think the drink is pretty?   I will be using these mugs every day.       Thanks Guys!!


Wendy said...

Oh Gail, I was the same way...couldn't figure out why the fuss and who would pay such an outrageous price for a coffee machine. My daughter has had one for about 4 years or more. Last year I asked Mr. O for a Keurig for my birthday. I LOVE it. One fresh cup every time you "need" it. Mr. O likes one kind and I another so this is just the ticket! Enjoy!

dp said...

I am glad you got two heat proof glass mugs.. I will have one with you tomorrow.. maybe!

Mary said...

I love my Keurig but still like walking out to the coffee shop. Tonight as we were getting ready to stroll a big storm was rolling in so I made iced coffee for the first time with the Keurig and it was delicious.