Monday, June 27, 2011

Royal Facinators

Caitlin with the simple yellow flower facinator.

Next weekend, we are all going to PEI to have a short visit with the newly wed royal couple, Princess Cate and Prince William.   We're all going and we are doing a few things to prepare.  We've got the schedule of the Royal appearances, and planning our best viewing strategy.  We're digging out our best sundresses and coordinating flip-flops.  

Since Princess Kathryn has really brought these cute facintor headpieces into fashion, we're going to wear some fun facinators for the Royal walk-about.  

So, with a bunch of supplies from Fabricville and Michaels, and a hot glue gun, I have finished 10 facinators.   Here are some of the head pieces.   

Mama P wears a more flamboyant piece.  A hairdresser can pull this off easily.
Grace and Aurora love modeling their facintors.

So will you get a chance to see the Royal Honeymooners on their trip to North America this week?


Lee said...

These are great! and I bet the girls love them. Hope nobody pokes an eye out!

Wendy said...

What a clever idea! You are sure to get noticed!

Colleen G said...

I might venture out to Parliament Hill while the Royals visit our neck of the woods. I won't be decked out nearly as stylishly as you all will be. You make grandparenting so much fun. Those kids are very fortunate to have you.

bargello said...

I echo Colleen!

Donna Cormier said...

I am on a Fascinator Quest: Last weekend, I was in New Hampshire and I bought a vintage hat at a yard sale. I am going to a wedding on saturday and the bride has requested that I wear it to her wedding! The hat really reminds everyone who has seen it of a bra(!!!?????!!Imagine wearing that on one's head) Another friend (Charlotte) advised me how to change it without destroying the lovely veil: she carefully cut it apart and the piece I am going to wear now looks like a cute little stewardess hat. It will be trimmed with feathers, etc, and I will wear it. I loved hats before and I think that they will become popular again due to the beautiful duchess of Cambridge and her friends! I love the ones you made for the girls: Have a wonderful time: I will be looking for you in the newsreels!