Sunday, June 12, 2011

What's Blooming at the Cottage?

Blooming Pasque

We've been having our share of great weather lately, and I love that all my sister's efforts in bring me plants for my gardens at the cottage, are paying off.    It's been a effort in experimentation as to what will grow in our flower beds at the cottage.  It seems to change from year to year.      

Last year, the pole beans wouldn't grow, even after a second planting.  This year, they're all up, and seem to be saying, "Hey, where's the string?"   Luckily, the climbing strings are now up and I expect to see a few shoots aiming for the string next weekend.

Pole beads with newly planted morning glories in the front.

Blooming Chives


dp said...

My beans are up too... my pasque is long since bloomed and has those funny Dr. Seuss looking seed pods on them ... that's what I love the most about them!!!!

bargello said...

I thought that you didn't like gardening? Great job!! Wow doesn't it look lovely with the glorious sun shining...where did it go, and for how long????