Monday, June 13, 2011

Stitching at the Cottage

In preparation for my Christmas in July project, I completed my little warm up project at the cottage this weekend.  It's just sweet.  Even though it's not done in Christmas colors, it will still bring a smile to your face.  This little project was a free download, from Gail Pan Designs and this little Merry Christmas stitch project can be downloaded from this link..

I happened to be in Michael's on Friday and picked up this $6.99 spring hoop.  It works fabulous for me.  Just lay your fabric over the blue hoop, then squeeze the hoop down into the other side of the fabric. 

I didn't have to stretch the fabric to get the right tautness...  It was perfect for me.   


After I finished my little Christmas birdie project, I had borrowed some various threads to test out.  I'm not convinced that 2 strands of DMC are now what I want to use.   Here is a picture of my little test.  I also have the Finca 12 wt, but it seems to be exactly the same as the Sulky 12 wt thread.
I think I'm settling on a 12 wt twist, but not sure what brand I will use.  It will depend on what I can buy locally now.    On Thursday, I'll be making my first visit to a stitching store in Moncton called "Because you Count".  I'm looking forward to my visit there I'm sure they'll have something that will be just fine. 

So there, with a couple of weeks to spare, I think Ill be ready to start stitching on July 1st.   That will be Canada Day, and we'll no doubt be at the cottage. I will post about my Christmas in July progress on each of the 5 Sunday's in July starting on July 2nd.  Now I have to figure out how to do a blogpost from the cottage without the internet.    


dp said...

What.... still no friggin internet at the cottage.... geeeeesh!

Love your little hand stitched!

Sandra said...

This is adorable!! I the colours that you used.
We are off of the grid at our cottage, we use one of the mobile internet sticks on our netbook. They work anywhere that there is a cell phone signal.

Jill MacD said...

One word...LOVE!
This is just gorgeous!

Gail said...

very nice! good luck with your big project!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting on your little experiment with the different thread weights! I was just searching for info on this.