Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stitching Clean

 I'm moving along with the prep work for my Christmas in July Winter Wonderland project.  I have 9 of the 10 blocks traced, layered, and basted.  I still have not picked out blue fabric for the blocks. 

This week I haven't been doing much piecing.  We've been painting the deck, and if you've ever seen our wrap around deck, you'll understand it's a multi-day job. And I've come down with a sinus problem that's not making me feel like sewing.  

But this week I did do a small hand embroidered sampler to test the DMC floss and my stitching over the Frixion pen markings.   It's all looking good.  You can see that it's hard to see the pen marks under my stitching.  Not that it matters because I plan to give it some heat to make the marks disappear.  You can see that I haven't finished the outside line yet on this little test piece , but I'll do that soon.  

My friend Karen G. is stitching the same project.  She found a thread chat form on connecting threads website.  They were discussing various threads people used to stitch this very project.   I'm going to get a piece of embroidery thread to try on my sample to see if I like it better than the DMC floss.   The worry about the floss is that one of the threads might shred while stitching.   When I did my sample, I did have a bit of that, but I discovered that I was cutting my thread too long.  Once I started using shorter threads, I was OK.

In another email conversation with somebody who completed their Winter Wonderland last year, we confirmed that the second layer of fabric is to hide the floats so they won't show through.  She  mentioned something about stitching clean.  As I was stitching my project this week, I was trying to stitch clean, but I think for me, it's near impossible.  I'm glad now to have the second layer of fabric to stitch through.

In doing my sample, I learned a couple of things.  I need a good hoop, preferably one that is spring loaded.  The other thing I learned is that this very small piece, which is about 7" x 10" took me about 4 or 5 hours to stitch.   I'm thinking that my much larger Christmas in July project is probably going to be a Christmas in July, August and September project.


Linda H said...

I like that term "stitching clean". The second layer of fabric is a great idea. I just hope you don't regret using the spray basting stuff - I'd be afraid of it yellowing my white fabric over time...?

Wendy said...

Your stitches are lovely Gail. The stitching clean takes a little more time but is so much nicer when finished.

Sandra said...

Gail, If you wrap your hoop, both pieces with a strip of bias fabric, you will find it much easier to work with. It keeps the fabric from slipping. My friend Joann, a fibre artist gave me that tip when I was struggling with the Nolona batiste I was using for Brooklynn's Christening gown. It was a life saver.
Stitching clean is the way to go..... I learned that doing Heirloom sewing on that batiste!! You know what they say, it should be as neat on the back as it is on the front. ha!