Friday, June 24, 2011

Pancake Pen

I found this new kitchen tool last week at Winners.  It's called the Pancake Pen.  You mix up your pancake batter in the bottle, and then draw out your pancakes on the griddle.   The tip is a silicone tip and won't melt if you accidentally touch the griddle with it.   You need to supervise young kids closely if they are making their own pancakes.   Emily and Jessica are a little older now and are very careful around hot appliances.

Here Emily is demonstrating how to use the pancake pen.  She made a sun with lots of rays coming out.   And Jessica drew her and Aurora's initial.  Notice that the J is backwards so that when it's flipped over, it's the right way.  

Yep, we like the Pancake Pen and it will stay in our cottage kitchen.. 


dp said...

I love pancakes.. and I love writing backwards!

cpm said...

I need this!!! SO fun!!! We make pancakes every weekend!

Sandra said...

Would those squirty ketchup/mustard bottles work (as long as they don't touch the griddle)?