Saturday, June 4, 2011

Winter Wonderland - Basting

I think my basting approach is going to work just fine.   It's hard to not use an iron in this process, but with careful planning and a bit of starch on the under layer, it's all good.   I have 5 blocks marked and basted. 

Layer the marked block over the backing block of the same size.  Smooth with your hands to make sure all the sides are even.  No ironing!

Add a few spritzes of 505 between the layers.  I use the center part of a Coke bottle to ontain the spray.  Smooth with your hands so there are no wrinkles.   Your fabric should handle like a single piece of fabric now.  Pin if you are insecure  (like me).

Lightly mark about a half an inch outside the permiter lines indicated by the pattern.. I marked an additional line half way through the block for added stability.
Stitch by machine using a 5 or 6 stitch length.  You will have some gathering puckers... Smooth the puckers with your fingers from the center to the sides.  Repeat for each individual line of basting.  Do not use continuous sewing...or it's hard to smooth the puckers.

Voila.  It's basted and ready for hooping and hand stitching.   


paulette said...

Thanks for sharing...I'm loving it!!

Sandra said...

Looking forward to seeing your finished quilt at the end of the summer!