Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Blizzard in Freddy Beach

Well, the weatherman is right on today. He called for a "System" and we got one. We went to Nova Scotia to visit my sister (who was having her 49th birthday) and my Dad on Friday. It was snowing lightly on Friday morning and we knew the weatherman said there was going to be snow on Sunday, but we went anyway. We had a very difficult first hour on Friday, but it was tolerable, just dirty the rest of the way. We stopped at the Truro SMT bus station to drop off Stephanie who was headed to Antigonish to visit with her sister Michele. It was her 21st birthday on Friday. Then we're on our way again, and we stopped in Windsor for lunch.

The Avonport discount fabric store is gaining repulation for being a great place to shop, so we stopped there too. It was easy to find. I bought 30 yards of quilting fabric.... for $75. I left the building saying to Mert "Start the Car, Start the Car". What a find. I think they must have been going to do inventory, because all the $4.00 discounted stuff was down to $2.00. I bought some of their famous bulk chocolates too. They taste like Gannongs. After that , we were on our way and landed in Greenwood about 2:30. It was nice to just sit and relax and chat with Dad until Donna got home. She had made my favorite - cabbage rolls - for supper... yum...

After supper went to the Greenwood mall, where I got a very nice Jim Shore Christmas Angel oranament for our Friday girls gift exchange this Friday.

Early Saturday morning, we went on a little hike in the woods with Donna's friend Jill. It's good to get your excercise even when away on a little trip. When we got back, Mert had viewed, reviewed and analysed the weather radar and sattelites.. and was really disturbed by what he saw, so we decided to leave for NB after lunch rather than waiting for the morning. Donna and I made a quick trip to the maternity/baby consignment store and I picked up a few things for P. We came home and had a nice lunch and then we were off on the highway. We had a nice relaxing drive home. Stopped at McD's for a chocolate sundae in Sackville and decided to head right home rather than stopping for supper.

So, with our free Sunday morning, I finished my Habitat Sunflowers wallhanging, and went with Mert to Marysville for my run. We came out of the gym and the snow had begun, and within 15 minutes, it was a Blizzard. I'm glad we came home yesterday..

Happy 49th Birthday Donna.

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dp said...

I am glad you got home safe and sound but I am really glad you came in the first place. Thanks Mert, although, I know this is the LAST time you will ever come to Greenwood in the winter...