Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fun in the snow

Well, Jessie and Emily were here since Friday. We did some cool stuff. We went to see Sleeping Beauty at the Playhouse Theatre. It was delightful and the kids laughed through the whole thing. We did 3 Geocaches which the kids thoroughly enjoyed. They took cool trinkets and left cool trinkets in the caches. We sewed pillow cases out of the soft fabric they got for Christmas. And we watched 3 movies, Karate Dog, Happy Feet, and Chestnut. Chestnut was about a dog that 2 adopted girls sneeked into their new home. It was funny, sad, happy all at the same time. Here is a collage that I put together of their weekend in Freddy Beach.


dp said...

Would you be my grammie!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey grammie I remember when we did that. It was so cool