Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A storm day in Freddy Beach

Well, the weather man predicted right. We had about 18 - 20 inches of snow in our driveway this morning when we got up. It took Mert almost an hour to clean out the driveway. Heavy, deep snow. It's so white. Look at how deep it is.. it's up to his knees.

Well I got an exciting phone call this afternoon. Canadian Living magazine called me and want post the Juicebag story in their April 2008 issue. It's their "Green" issue. They love the juicebag, but love the direct message it sends to kids regarding repurposing our resources. A lot of the products we use today are made from recycled products, and the quality is so good, that you'd never know it was recycled. Napkins, grocery bags etc. Kids understand the idea of recycling when they see the totebags. So, I'm sending a few bags to the magazine in Toronto to be photographed. In the article, they will put a reference in to contact me if anyone wants to buy them. Now, I'm on a mission to see if I can find somebody who will sew them and manage the sales part. I learned my lesson after the Sept. Daily Gleaner article. I had orders for more than a dozen bags. I got them done, but I felt pressure... I think it would make a nice home based business project for the right person.

It's exciting just the same.

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