Wednesday, December 5, 2007

He Shoots, He Scores

Well, it's so cute to see Mitchell play hockey. We went to his practice today. He's just been in a Timbits Hockey for about 2 months now. They are playing little 15 minute games now at the end of their practices. He got 2 shifts today.
Here's a little video. His skating has improved so much. He's only 5 years old compared to some of the other kids who are bigger and older. Today, the coaches did drills to skate on one foot and other drills to shoot the puck to the boards. They also do drills to help the kids get up quicker after they take a dive. It's hard to get up with all that padding and with all that equipment on. After practice, I told Mitchell a secret and he's not to tell his mother. See, after the hockey practice on Saturday, he and his 2 sisters are coming over to our place to make a birthday cake and a crafty gift for their mother's birthday which is on Sunday. The kids love a secret and even more, they love to bake and make crafts. I don't know who will have the better birthday, Mom or the triplets.

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dp said...

wow, Mitch is an awesome skater... wow. I love the video.

Cake and crafty gifts... oh I wish my birthday was SOON so I can get a crafty gift toooooooo