Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Kindergarden Concert

The triplets had their Christmas concert today. They sang a beautiful opening number for 37 seconds. I was tempted to shout out "Encore, Encore". I wanted more. We watched the rest of the concert and it was cute. I was hoping that the kids would come back out again..

The girls wore their concert dresses that Aunt Mae and I made for them last year. I'm so pleased they got another year out of them. Michele said the teachers all raved over them. They twirl so nice...and Grace and Caitlin are happy to oblige when somebody says "Twirl".

Here they are in the top row on the very end.

Tomorrow, I go to the kindergarden class to read a Christmas story to them. Thursday, Mert and I are helping to do dishes in the kitchen as it's the very special turkey dinner in the school cafeteria.

Friday, depending on the weather, we're heading to Nova Scota for a Christmas visit with my dad and sister and brother in law. Back on Sunday.

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dp said...

they truly shone there in the back row... I could hear there sweet little voices above everyone else's. They take after there grandmother for sure!!!!
Does anyone read your blog other than me.... cause this will really make them think you can sing!!!