Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Will the cold ever go away!

Well, I can't get over how much whining I'm doing about the cold. I have to force myself to get out and do things. I'd rather stay huddled up on the couch watching TV. Today, I did a bit more Christmas shopping - for P and we did the biggest part of our grocery order. On Christmas eve, we're having all the kids over after church for some snackies. I'm so glad Carrie and Kenny are coming for the day with the kids. It's a long trip just for a day, but I was jumping for joy when Carrie called to say they were coming. So on the menu are Devilled Eggs, Spinich Dip and crackers, bacon wrapped scallops, wings, cheese and veggie tray, hummus and guacamolli and tortilla chips and what ever else strikes my fancy between now and Monday.

Today, I wrote a number of security certifications to maintain my credentials for xwave. I wrote a number of tests yesterday, only to find out that I had done a couple of the wrong tests. So, this afternoon, I spent 3 hours, reviewing, and writing the correct practice tests before taking the official online certifications. I passed. So, I'm done for another 365 days.. or in other words... Forever.

Tomorrow, the triplets and I have some important work to do. After school, we're making gingerbread, some to hang on the tree as a decoration and of course, some to eat. I'm trying a new Kraft recipe that is not so spicy for the kids to eat. It has butterscotch pudding powder in it.

Today, I finished putting the 12 large Burgoyne surrounded quilt blocks together for the St. Dunstan's quilt. Now I just need to put a small border, then a big white border that will feature fantastic hand quilting by the St. Dunstan's ladies. Another couple of hours and it'll be done. I made a mistake and made 20 blocks, instead of just 12. I think I'll make one more block and have a 9 x 9 square lap quilt.

So, all in all, in an attempt to avoid thinking about how cold it was out side, I did have a productive day.

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dp said...

I hope your gingerbread day is fun. How fantastic to have the whole gang for Xmas eve. I wish I was there too.