Friday, December 28, 2007

We found our very first Geocache.

Jessica and Emily are here from Moncton. We went out to find our very first GeoCache. It was in the McEvoy softball diamond area. We walked through snow, then up a hill. Grampie was letting the GPS lead him. Then after lots of digging around, and using our clues, we found a Barkless tree and it was in the stump. We took out a blue moon rock and put in a porcelin heart. Then weput it back where we found it. Can you see it in the last picture - it looks like a baseball and it's inside a stump. We learned a couple of things: 1) Decrypt your clue so you have all the info possible; 2) We know that a themed container is not a regular lock and lock. 3) Emily learned to walk slow so you don't tire yourself out. 4) we learned that the cache might be 20 feet away from where the exact coordinates are. It was fun, fun, fun. We all really enjoyed. We'll go find another one tomorrow.

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Linda_J said...

My friend Pam at my Creative Mind has really gotten into geocaching this year--something for good exercise and the grandkidlets can join in. She and her husband have really gotten into it! I think each family group has a GPS now.

Holly is another quilter/geocacher that I know of online.