Friday, December 7, 2007

Nano, Nano - 500km

Well, Paula somebody (Radcliffe I think) came on my ipod yesterday and congratulated me for achieving 500 kms. (since the purchase of my Nike running kit, November 2006). Then I synched my nano to see how much over 500 I was. I'm at 504. Nike sent me a message, that I'm well on my way to 1000 kms. So I'm going to set that as my goal for next year. It took 13.5 months to get 504 km, so I should be able to get 496kms before December 31, 2008.

Today at the Friday Girls coffee, Jen brought a bunch of placemats for Meals on Wheels that we worked on last week. She now has over 50 so far, including the ones from the guild. The guild has a luncheon on Tuesday and I expect we'll have many more. They are so nice and whimsical.

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