Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday - a day of rest .... sort of

Well, it's Sunday and we're all prepared for Christmas. This afternoon, I have a bit of wrapping to do, but other than that it's just a resting day. Patience is over at Michele's doing a family of hair. I made gingerbread with the unused dough from the kids gingerbread day earlier this week. I'm anxious for tomorrow to come to see the kids all here for Christmas eve. The weather looks great so we won't worry about the drive for Carrie and Kenny so much. Patience and I drafted the menu for the after church brunch and I'm hungry just looking at the list.
I made Jessica and Emily a Geocache kit. It's not a Christmas gift, so I'll give it to them tomorrow after church. I'll have to explain the concept to their dad who will have to program the GPS for the kids. I think they will really like the hunt and the web aspect of it.
And I'm still waiting for the instruciton from Stephanie....

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