Saturday, December 8, 2007

Michele is 38 on Sunday.

I can't believe Michele is 38 tomorrow. Man, how time flies. We had the triplets over to make her a very special cake today. So early this morning, I used my new Wilton cake pan that Carrie and Kenny and kids got me for my birthday. I absolutely love it. The sides of the cake were perfect for icing. I tried an experiment that I read about on the web. I made a cake pan cozy that fits around the cake. This cozy slows down the cooking on the sides and allows the cake to rise more evenly. I think it worked quite nicely. I whipped up the cozy out of potholder material that I've had in my stash for years.

Well the kids came over after hockey practice, and after I squeezed in a run at Marysville. We started to decorate the cake right away. No matter how hard you try, chocolate icing always gets on your fingers when putting sprinkles on. We washed their little hands each 3 times... Those little sprinkles get everywhere... Grampie grumbles all day long because the little balls get stuck in his socks. The kids were pretty pleased with themselves for how it turned out. Isn't it great to have a birthday around Christmas time. You can decorate with candy canes.

Then we made Mom each a personalized birthday card on the computer and the kids made up the poems and then signed and sealed. Then we had big homemade waffles for lunch with banana pudding for desert. When that was done, we started to make Mom's Birthday present. Time was getting short, so Grampie helped with that while Grammie went into her sewing room to work on the kindergarden teacher, Miss Donovan's, Juicebag that the triplets are giving to her for a Christmas present. Well, we just got done Mom's gift in time to put in a box and wrap with a special bow.
The juicebag will get done tomorrow or next week. We had a fun day today. We'll go see Michele to deliver more presents tomorrow, but not until after the noon hour. The other grandmother is keeping the kids overnight and Wade is taking Michele out for breakfast.

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dp said...

Happy Birthday Michele.... wow.

The cake thing looks cool. I never make cakes, so I don't think I would use it much! But how luck is Michele to have such an amazing cake and I know she will love her necklace. Lots of people have commented on mine.