Friday, December 19, 2008

The Friday Girls have a Christmas Coffee Break

Today we had our Friday Girls coffee break and Christmas Gift exchange. This year, I hosted the coffee break and got up early to make muffins and cinnamon rolls. The Friday gals arrived around 10 and we had a great chat and show and tell and ohh's and ahhs over baby Aurora who joined us for her snack break. Near the end of our coffee break, we did our gift exchange. Here is my beautiful little gift I received. A sweet little snowman. He came from Gail Hooper who rescued him from the Royal Doulton store (I love that store). This little guy fits perfectly on my tree and he looks right at home. It's nice to have decorations that have a little story to tell about where you got it. Thanks Gail and Merry Christmas to all you Friday Girls. It's great having you all as friends and quilting buddies.

I'm not sure how many days before Christmas now, but it was my intention, for the 12 days before Christmas to show you these really nice Jim Shore Christmas decorations that my sister picked up for me last year. There are 14 in the set. Over the past couple of years, I've really taken to the 12 days of Christmas theme. I bought some fabric last year after Christmas, intending to make something with it... I also bought embroidery designs, with the intent to make something with them... But I've missed on both counts... Oh, well, busy is good, right?! I guess I need to do my 12 days of Christmas stuff this summer, then they'll be all ready for next Christmas.
For now, here are a couple of my new set of Jim Shore balls... I really love my new decorations this year.

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dp said...

I love your new little decoration.. I think the 12 days of Xmas are cute too. Can you sing the whole song?