Thursday, December 18, 2008


It's been a fun week watching all the celebrations around my sister's 50th birthday. There was so much going on, she has to break it up into several blogs. I'm not sure we'll ever hear about it all. I loved her Peas cake..

Changing the subject, I noticed a few comments on my Aurora Sock that were not from my usual commenters. I looked at my stats and my hits were way up... mostly on my Aurora Sock page. Sure enough, Vicky over at Field Trips in Fibre had listed my Aurora Christmas sock on her Field Trip page. I always love that page, cause she finds very interesting quilting, sewing projects and tutorials. Remember when you took field trips in school, you would always see something different and very interesting. This is the same thing, except, you don't leave your desk, and you get many interesting things all in a very short period of time.

Anyway, all these hits got me looking at stats on my blog pages. The blog page counter has been collecting data since July 08 and by far, the most hits I get are from my Pippa Moore - Art deco page. Mostly from people googling searches for Art Deco Quilts.

A page that ranks a close second in hits, especially now with Christmas right around the corner, is the Luggage tag tutorial that Linda Hubbard and I developed. We originally did these for the New Brunswick Quilters' Guilds to make as a donation to the Quilt Canada goodie bags. I made about 20 of these myself a few weeks ago, and everyone on my list gets at least one luggage tag presented on their gifts.

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cpm said...

Thank you SOOO much Gail for the beautiful unicorn and truck embroidery (sp?) they are amazing!!! Perfect for both kids! Thanks!
I think Donna will make oat bags from them! FUN!