Sunday, December 7, 2008

25th Anniversary supper

Yesterday I told you about our great day on the Panama Canal. That was our 25th Anniversary celebration day. After such a great day, we were so pooped out from that day, that we only had our 25th Anniversary supper a few days later. We decided to make it special, and to have supper in the Bayu Cafe, a premium restaurant on the Coral Princess. The food was a notch up from the usual dining room and it was well worth the $15.00 cover charge.

We started out in the lounge with drinks beforehand. We tee hee'd and talked about how fun this trip had been and how fun it would be if the kids were here. Then we went to the cafe for our 7pm reservation.

This cafe is a Louisiana style restaurant that specialized in steak.. Our mouths were watering just from reading the menu. It was fantastic. We couldn't decide on an appetizer so we each ordered a sampler. It included stuffed oysters on the shell, shrimp, grits, fries, and spicy andue sausage. We each got a plate of this. No need to say, we didn't eat the fries or grits. The best thing on here was the stuffed oysters. They were so different and both thought they were the best. That is saying something because the shrimp were a very close second.

Then after settling down and drinking a glass of wine, we had our main entree. I had fillet of beef and shrimp and Mert had a fillet and lobster. They're quite fancy in how they serve lobster. The tail is cooked outside the shell and presented beautifully. Hard to eat mind you and the waiter, removes the shell so the delicate tail can be enjoyed without a hastle. We also received a plate of side dishes that were over the top. Fried green tomatoes, corn and lima beans. Did you know I like lima beans. I don't think I've ever had more than 2 at a time. I usually only get them when I have Campbell's Vegetable soup. If I'm lucky, I'll get 2 in a serving..... Here, I think I died and went to heaven.

So after about an hour and a half of eating and sipping away at a bottle of wine, we were faced with the thought of desert. We knew we couldn't eat another bite, since we had left over half of our filet on the plate, but we ordered anyway. So we slowly ate our chocolate mouse.. a light chocolately, smooth end to a wonderful meal. I totally forgot to take a picture of the mouse, but you can imagine.

We finished off our evening by going to the theatre and watching the performance "Dance" which we both throuroughly enjoyed.

Happy 25th Anniversary to us! (sort of) We'll do this all again next March.

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dp said...

The meal looks awesome. How fun for you two. I think you forgot to mention that you were thinking how fun it would have been if your sister had come along!!!
I don't think I like Lima Beans. I always avoid them when I have Campbells vegetable soup! But they sort of looked yummy in your picture and if I was there, I would have tried them.