Thursday, December 4, 2008

A rescue at sea - enroute to the Panama Canal

Nov 22 - Early in the morning - about 7:30am. While watching the sun come up in the east, Mert and I are enjoying a pre-breakfast coffee on the deck of the Coral Princess. An announcement is made by the captain that we will be altering our route to assist in a medical emergency on a 33 ft sailboat. We'll be steaming for about 2 hours before reaching our target.

This was an exciting event and we're thankful that everything turned out well. Here's a 3 minute video.


dp said...

wow, I would have died if I was on that sailboat. I would have hated to see the rescue boat leave without me if I wasn't the injured one. I would have faked an injury just so they would take me off of there!!!!
wow... great video

KF said...

Hi G,
I think this is absolutely incredible! Sailing is very intimidating to me and to sail, have trouble, and be rescued is amazing AND what a stupendous action video Gail. Great job, techy.
I cannot imagine being in that Ocean without the million tons of boat behind and under me...and the bellows to make me comfy. Glad you enjoyed your trip and glad you are back with us,

Anonymous said...

Wow. That's amazing. Great video!I'm sure the gossip was rampant on the boat for the rest of the day as to what happened to the guy, etc. Can't wait to see more pics!Funny that you go to the Panama Canal and the first picture you post is Mert! While I realize that he IS wondrous and all, we like to see the Canal. :-)


cpm said...

That is amazing are awesome at making videos!!! WOW! I can't believe the rest of the people on that sailboat didn't bail out too. I was sea sick just watching them go up and down, up and down! ugh!
We cruised with Princess (Western Carribean) about 5 years ago and LOVED it! I can't wait to go again! I'm happy you and Mert had such a great time!

Susan said...

Even more amazing after reading his account of what preceded the rescue.