Friday, December 12, 2008

Finished - A Christmas Stocking for Aurora

Well, I finished Aurora's Crazy Quilted Christmas stocking this week... just in time to take to our quilters luncheon earlier this week. It got many oohhs and ahhhs.... It even inspired one woman to go on a mission to find 9 other women to form a class... just so she could take the class. (That's exactly what I did) I loved doing/learning this project and I want to thank my CQ teacher, Linda Hubbard, and all those CQers out there in blogland who inspired some very nice lines of stitching. For you CQers, this is a large picture, you should be able to click on it and see the detail. Take note of my spider, it was inspired by LouAnne Sassone who did an article for CQonline. I love him. He's right above the angel's head.

I'm looking forward to starting the handwork on my next 2 stockings as my snowbird 2009 handwork project.

We just put the tree up today and it will be decorated tomorrow with the help of 3 little elves aka - the triplets. On Sunday morning after waffles, we'll make gingerbread ornaments, some to decorate my tree, and some to take home with them. We are all looking forward to that.
Speaking of Christmas, we are so pleased that we will have 3 kids here at the house for Christmas. Aurora, Jessica and Emily. Such a nice change from just Mert, Patience and I. Aurora is so busy now that she is mobile.... I can only imagine how much the ornaments on the tree will tempt her. I guess that'll be Jessica and Emily's job... to distract her... ha ha...


Vicki W said...

That's beautiful!

LouAnne said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog; I stopped by your blog to check out the spider you mentioned. Great JOB! He a truly scarey spidey! Well Done!
LouAnne, still in AZ