Saturday, December 27, 2008

Home Alone

It's Saturday. Everyone is gone. Now what?

I'm sifting through Christmas pictures from the digital. I thought these pictures were cute.
Aurora got a phone for Christmas from Santa. She knew exactly what to do with it... Here she is talking to Elmo.

I thought this picture of Jessica walking with Aurora is cute. It's hard to tell who is who when they're wearing the same PJs.

On Christmas evening, with new PJ's on, everyone settled down for the evening. We watched a movie that one of the kids got for Christmas. It's a 3d movie and came with 4 pairs of 3d glasses. Here is the gang watching Journey to the Center of the Earth. Carrie, Mert and I watched it without the glasses and it was funny to watch everyone react in unison as scary fish, flying yoyo's and flocks of birds seems so real as they leaped out of the TV.

The house is so quiet.
Might be time to plan a sleep over for the triplets.

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