Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Donna

My little sister turns 50 today. She is a kind, well loved, organized and fun person and I knew, from the size of her circle of friends, that she's in for a doozy of a celebration. You'll have to go to her blog (locate her shortcut in my sidebar) to read all about her surprize 50th birthday celebrations - which came the day before her real birthday. Don't forget to leave her a birthday message, even if you don't know her. Let's try to break her "comment" record!

Happy Birthday Donna!

I can't believe I have a 50 year old little sister!!!


cpm said...

Donna surely is NIFTY FIFTY! we love her so much here! how lucky that you get to have her in your family!
Thanks for the treats too! xo

dp said...

How can she be fifty.. she doesn't look a day over 30.. I know she has had a boob job and a nose job,and dyes her hair, and wears Spanks underwear daily.. but still she looks great for 60...