Sunday, December 28, 2008

Back at the Sewing Machine

Yesterday was a quiet day here at the Mitchell household. We puttered around, did a bit of boxing day shopping. I bought 2 sweet orchids. I look at them every time I go to the Superstore and have always wanted to pick one up. Today, they're on a boxing week special and I was looking for a nice little gift for a friend who is turning 50 this week. After thinking, and thinking of a nice little gift, Mert suggested Why not get her an orchid. He was exactly right. I know I would love to have received one as a gift, so off we went. I bought one for me and one for her. The first orchid is mine. It's white with a hit of violet. The second picture is of hers. It has a deeper hint of purple in the centers. It still has the cellophane on it so it's hard to get a nice picture like that, but this shows you how pretty the colors are.

Late yesterday afternoon, I ventured into my sewing room and organized a bit. I set up my new Ott light that my sister gave me and sat down to sew a bit to try out the light. It's nice. It does give a great light that shows the colors. I sewed for half an hour on my St. Dunstan's quilt. I'm ready to roll on it now. I'm on a deadline. This Nines and Vines has to be finished by January 20th. I have no doubt that I'll have the 56 inner blocks done by the end of this week. I'm afraid of the borders. I'm not that quick with the applique, and my applique has to meet the inspection of these quilters.

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