Monday, December 15, 2008

A new Craft Table

See my new craft table. I've had a cutting/craft table for a number of years now. It was the kind with the wings that swing out. The problem with that table, is that there was no usable storage space under the table. My new table uses a simple tabletop with simple legs. This leaves lots of room under for storage. I love how much I've been able to clean up and get my sewing room back into order.

At the far side of my table, I have a chair that my surger sits on... ready to be picked up and put on the corner of my table.
I prefer a stool, but I'll find something that will suit that space perfectly.

1 comment:

dp said...

its funny how that simple picture represents DAYS of work on your part. All those bins were not like that when I saw them. I see fabrics folded, sorted and culled probably. It all looks awesome and how fun.. now with that kind of space available, who knows what you will be able to make!!!!