Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Special visitors

This past weekend after we arrived home from our trip, we had some special visitors. Jessica, Emily came for a visit from Moncton and Aurora came for a visit from Saint John.

While Jessica and Emily were here, we did a fun computer craft, compliments of Upload a picture and it does a mosiac picture made of fruits or vegetables. Try it, it's cute. We took the images to the Jean Coutu drugstore and had them printed at the in-store photo machine. It's a fun craft.

The first picture above is of Emily, and the second is of Jessica.

Baby Aurora waves hi now. And her new love of blueberries results in the unexpected. I'll let you use your imagination as to what it is.
The triplets come for a sleep over this coming Saturday night. We plan on making a book on Saturday evening and then making and decorating gingerbread men on Sunday morning. I can't wait.


dp said...

love the pj's on the little blue pooper! the Knorr things are fun.... Jessica is looking so much older!!!!

cpm said...

FUN! Aurora is getting so big...and so freaking CUTE! You are such an awesome Grandma!