Wednesday, April 22, 2009

1, 2, 3 - New Techology

We seem to be on a new technology roll.

First - I'm going to sell my Pfaff 2140 embroidery sewing machine. I bought this about7 or 8 years ago in anticipation of retiring. I didn't retire as soon as I thought, but I love this machine. So since I'm now 'officially' retiring as of May 2009, I thought that I will trade-up to a current Pfaff Creative model. I don't do much embroidery, but when I do, I really enjoy having it in my bailiwick of tools. I haven't purchased the new creative yet, but soon. I'll post when I get it.

Second - Last week, thanks to a great sale at the Futureshop, we replaced our big screen TV with a bigger screen TV. It's super thin and sleek looking. We love it. We found a new channel that's called Frame. It's has Canadian photo content although the beautiful pictures are from all over the world. Beautiful pictures of the desert, covered bridges, etc and is set to lovely background music. One pet peeve I have is with this new technology is , what do you do with your center speaker from your surround sound? Originally I think the speaker was intended to sit on top of the TV, but the TV's are so thin now, it's totally out of place. I've now placed the center speaker on the stand in front of the screen, but too me it does look awkward. And when I uploaded this picture, these grey speakers just don't blend. Maybe new sleeker thinner black speakers are in order.

Third - The piece of tech that we purchased this week is a new cell phone. Since I am no longer working, one of the assets I turned in was my office cell phone. I don't use a cell much now, but with cottage season approaching we picked one up. So when we're at the cottage, we're accessible. We got this Samsung model that has a qwerty keyboard that springs out. It will be easier for me to text with my sister. Yes, we send about 10 text messages a year. I'm just learning about it now, and in browsing the manual, I'm realizing how cool this phone really is. If you want to,.you can do lots with it... I'm going to flag a few things in the manual to try. I wonder if it syncs to MS Outlook. If so, that would be so cool!

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dp said...

wow, is the tv bigger... I thought your old TV looked pretty big. Oh I am so glad we can text each other. I haven't texted anyone in a while. But summer is coming.