Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Collecting Eggs.

Yesterday, my sister blogged about her annual Easter Egg hunt that she organized for her kids. Well, the Easter Bunny made a simple Easter Egg hunt for Baby Aurora and she did really good. Here she is collecting all the eggs and putting them in her basket.

Little does she know that in years to come, she may have to get out her toy GPS and be prepared for a more complicated hunt. The Easter Bunny no doubt will be talking to Auntie Donna to get some tips.


Linda G said...

What a wonderful picture Gail. That one is a keeper.

Thearica said...

She is so darling!

This makes me miss my grandbabies who live in Alabama!

dp said...

She is such a smart girl... you will have to start early trying to out smart her at Easter. That's why our hunts got so elaborate.. that and the fact that the dog is a better easter egg hunter than the kids! Mollie spent all night finding eggs and there was none left for the kids in the morning!

Anonymous said...

My god she is so cute. Just like her mama. Great genes!