Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Cord Wrap

Have you ever seen the like. I bought a small iron to take to quilt workshops and keeping the cord in check is challenging. I have had this cord problem with a few things and after years of fighting with it, this is now what I do to manage these cords.

This picture tutorial will show you how I sewed 2 pieces of Velcro (aka hook and loop tape) together so now that as long as I have this iron, I will be able to manage this cord neatly.

a 7" piece of the loop side of Velcro (the soft side) and
a 2" piece of the hook side of Velcro

Take your 7" piece of loop Velcro facing out, wrap about 1 inch around the cord and pin as pictured.

Take the 2" piece of hook Velcro and overlap about 1/2 inch with the other end of the 7" loop side. No pin will be necessary since the hook and loop will hold itself in place.

Your Velcro pieces will now look like this as you take it to the sewing machine.

Securely sew with a straight stitch across the pinned loop side so that the Velcro slides easily along the cord. Then sew the the other end, to secure the hook and the loop sides together.

I've used white thread here to show you where your 2 short seams should be.

Now you should be able to roll up your cord and wrap the Velcro around tightly so that the hook end meets up with the loop end. The cord wrap will always be on the cord even when it's in use.


bargello said...

You are a very clever problem solver!!

Potpourri said...

I use an empty toilet paper holder

Lynn Spillane, Quilter said...

I use a small pony tail elastic band....