Wednesday, June 24, 2009

1/4 inch foot frustration

I've been using my Juki TL98Q daily and I've tried lots of things. I really like it. The needle threader is awesome. It never misses. Also I love the thread cutter. It's second nature now. It never misses picking up the bobbin thread when I restart sewing. This is so nice. It's now my main machine. I've used my Pfaff for a couple of small zig zag and embroidery projects.

Now I want to try my hand at piecing on the Juki. The Juki came with a 1/4" foot which is great for strip piecing because it has a bar on the side which feeds quickly and the bar limits how far the fabric will go over. For piecing, I'm a pinner and I pin my fabric pieces to death. I need a 1/4" foot that doesn't have the bar on the side so that I can leave the pin in the fabric right up to the moment a stitch is taken.

You can see in this picture that my 1/4" mark is clearly marked and I can use the Juki standard sewing foot for 1/4 inch seams but a foot with marks is really what I want.

I've tried 2 different high shank 1/4 inch feet on my new Juki. Both are close but not quite there. The needle is not centered over the foot. Actually the foot is covering part of the hole in the needle plate.

Do any of you Juki TL98Q users use a 1/4 foot without a sidebar?

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Karen said...

Hi, Gail: I don't have this machine so can't offer any help but thought I would commiserate with you in your frustration! I have a similar foot for one of my machines, and I ended up removing that side bar completely; it seemed more nuisance than help. Good luck with it!