Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A visit with Mitchell

Today, I had a to-do list a mile long. Mitchell came over to help me do these gazillion things.

We dropped a paper off at the bank. We dropped some weddingy things off to Stephanie at City Hall. Mitchell had never been in there before. We went to Scoop and Save to buy some special vacation lunch things and then on to Moores where they fitted Mitchell for his fancy clothes that he'll wear at the wedding. While driving around at all our stops, Mitchell said "I love a rainy day!!"

When we got home we made waffles for lunch. Then we made chocolate chip cookies together and Mitchell licked the bowl and the beaters all by himself. He never had to share with anyone!!

He really wanted me to show you these special Swarovski figurines. One is called Dino and the other is called FiFi. They are my entire crystal collection. When he grows up and gets married, these will be his. He likes to look at them and admire their special glimmer.
FiFi, the poodle is about 30 years old and I got her when I lived in Europe.
I just got Dino last year at the Duty Free shop. See the new colors that Swarovski incorporate into their crystal.
I might buy another figurine next one year to make 3 in the collection. We'll see if they still have them at the duty free store. Mitchell says when has kids, he's never going to let them touch them.
And the final thing we did together today was write this blog. It was a great rainy day. Thanks for all your help Mitchell.


Anonymous said...

What a lucky little guy to spend some fun days with his grandma. I can guess he will be very handsome in his wedding outfit. Hope we see pictures after. LB

cpm said...

so fun...and how special that Mitchell didn't have to share at all...pretty special for a multiple for sure!!! you really are a GRAND-ma!