Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Home in sunny NB and a new To-Do list

While it was drizzly and cloudy for the weekend, it was still great to spend a relaxing weekend at my sisters house in Nova Scotia. We did small projects her daughters wedding. While I did some hand sewing, my sister covered an old chair that has been our family for about 50 years. We have pictures of us as babies on that chair. She's going to blog about it and will probably tell you about the Rocket Richard connection to it. It's a sweet chair and I would never have had the courage to upholster it, but she did and it looks like new. Stay tuned to my sidebar to see an update about the chair at Donna's blog soon.

So we're home now, back in sunny NB (not) and I have a fun new to-do list as we head into the final stretch before the wedding which is in about 3 weeks. I had intended on losing 20 lbs before the wedding, but I don't think that's going to happen so it's time to start looking for a nice dress to wear.

Last week I also started some small selvage projects which I will get back to and finish today. I'll take a picture and show you later this afternoon.

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