Sunday, June 14, 2009

Quilt Magazines in the year 2000

This weekend I took a dozen 1999, 2000, 2001 quilt magazines to the cottage. I need to get rid of some stuff. So I thought I'd have one last look through them to see if it was OK to recycle. Well, what a fun way to spend the afternoon on the deck. So what did not appeal to me 10 years ago, sure looks good to me now. There's at least one or 2 projects out of each magazine that I want to make. The end result, no recycling of these magazines. They all have page marks with notes on them and they'll be returning to my list of "want to make" pile. The good thing is that some of the projects are small and I can quickly make up a kit which can be sewn together at a later time.

It's so fun to watch the gardens at the cottage this time of year. It's the first thing I do before even going in the cottage each week. I walk around and inspect what's blooming. I'm happy to report that my 4 year old chives, have these beautiful purple blooms for the very first time. My larger garlic chives have no blooms in the foreseeable future, for the very first time. How weird is that. My pole beans and morning glories are up thanks to some rain earlier this week.

My rose bush is filled with blooms and more than a hundred small buds. It's sweet. There was a long branch strung out on the ground, so we staked it up. Looks like the branch is posing like "the Thinker". Do you see it?

My hosta gardens are doing fabulous. The hostas that my friend Linda H. gave me, are all doing wonderful. Actually they're all bigger than the ones I've put in the last few years. No slugs yet, but it's early. We've got the bait and eggshells all ready for when they do appear. My sister, the gardener, is coming up next weekend, and I'll have her inspect them for me.

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bargello said...

Funny how our tastes change, eh? I also have tried to cull magazines...and if I look through them I am doomed! so, I need more space is my assessment!!!