Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Grampie

Today Grampie, my hubby, celebrated his 69th birthday. He had a great day. We went for a nice walk along the trail this morning. We're so lucky to have these old converted train track trails in our area. We both either walk or run on them every day. And what a gorgeous day this is.

This afternoon Mitchell, Grace and Caitlin came over to help him blow out his candles. Before the kids went in to look at his cake, I asked Mitchell "How many candles on Grampie's cake today". Mitchell replied, "sixty nine". I said, heavens no, if there were that many, we'd need the fire department to help blow them out. There's only 2 candles. He looked perplexed and then ran in the house to see why!

Grampie wanted home made carrot cake, so that's what I made him. With cream cheese frosting too.

Happy Birthday Grampie.


MissesStitches said...

Yum! That's one of my favorite cakes, too. Lucky Grampie...

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun, sorry Aurora and I missed it. Although I am glad to have have that carrot cake starring me in the face! LOL

Ant Pear