Thursday, June 11, 2009

Many thanks RibbonSmyth

I was a blog contest winner at RibbonSmyth last month. RibbonSmyth is a great Crazy Quilter's resource for silk ribbons, charms, fabrics, kits etc. When I took my CQ class last year from LindaH, RibbonSmyth was recommended as one of her preferred online stores.

I love crazy quilting because you can pack a lot of great things into a neat little package. I mean that in a few ways. If you are getting to a stage that you want to work on meaningful projects, but don't want to store any more bulky queen size quilts, you can work for hours on a CQ project, and the project is small and contained to a small area as well. Also, when you purchase CQ supplies, they arrive in a small package but pack a big punch of excitement.

For example, I received my gift pack from RibbonSmyth yesterday and just look how much was in this innocent looking letter size envelope. In my gift pack, there are pieces of fancy fabrics in purples, lavenders, green. There is also a bit of what looks like hand made lace, in coral color, some fancy sequence fabric, an organza shell applique, silk ribbons, stitching floss, and a much large eye needle. There is also a blank stitchable greeting card and a little kit of charms, buttons, sequence to stitch an oversize button. Great to do a mini collage on. How fun. I'm all revved up to dive in, but I don't know where to start. I might have to call on my CQ teacher friend for help!

If you want to get in on the fun, go to the RibbonSmyth Blog and sign up for the June draw. Also visit her website, where you'll find many things including free projects to get you started.

Many thanks RibbonSmyth. You've made my day..

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Linda G said...

Would love to see your treasures tomorrow. What fun