Monday, June 1, 2009

Quilt Show - Maugerville 2009

Last Friday, the Friday girls and I attended the annual Maugerville Quilt show and tea. Maugerville is a local service district outside the city of Fredericton. This show had a large amount of scrap quilts. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love scrap quilts. I make planned scrappy quilts most of the time.

After looking at all the quilts, the Friday girls sat and had a great cup of coffee and a home made square. We discussed which quilts we would pick as our entries for the Viewers choice ribbon. We couldn't decide. After finishing our treat, we had to go around again, and have a second look at all the quilts before we each personally made our final picks.

I realize now that I should have written the names of the quilts and quilt makers down so I could share with you. Here are some photos the quilts that I liked the best.

The name of this quilt is on the tip of my tongue. Could it be the Tennissee Waltz. I like the dark points of the stars, and I like the fact that they're all the same fabric. This is truly my style, and I'm going to make up a new quilt category.. Semi-Scrappy... and call that my personal style of quilting.

Again, how cute is this. I think this would be a great way to use those left over 1.5" * 21" darker strips that I have on my sewing table right now. All I need is a bunch of light strips to go with them. And as I look at this, I think each of the blocks would be made up of four 5 inch blocks. So I think there would be very little waste. I like that.

I've seen this pattern several times and I always say, "I've got to make this". I'm sure it's called, the split nine patch. I think I may even have this pattern.. somewhere. I need to start collecting red fabrics before I can even consider doing this. Or all the purples that I've been collecting could be transformed... hmm... now, I think that's a great idea if I do say so myself.

Don't you think this bow tie quilt would look great on one of the beds at the cottage. For me, this would be a true scrap quilt since I have lots and lots of nice unique small pieces of fabric. Some old, some new.

I've seen this pattern a few times, and I love that it speaks to me in a math sort of way. I think it's called Puss in the Corner. I spoke to Sandra who made this little card table cover size quilt and she said it was made with left over blocks from a big quilt. That gave me the idea to make a table cloth for our card table.
Great show and very tasty goodies to eat and drink while there. It was nice to have the bake table too. I bought the Oatmeal molasses bread that was baked in the Apple juice cans. Hubby liked it too. Yummy.


dp said...

Did you enter any of your quilts in the show? I like the second one and the last one the best... fun day with friends.. My favorite kind of day.

Lee said...

Ummm, your mathy friend thinks that "each of the blocks would be made up of four 5 inch blocks" might be a bit problematic... four 1.5 inch strips sew up as a 4 inch block, not 5 inches. Before you start cutting those bars, check your math and cut them 4 1/2 long so they finish as 4 inch square blocks. At least that's what my brain says at the moment...! I like this quilt too - wish I had seen the show.

Mary said...

The bow tie is my favorite and that's my favorite setting for bow tie blocks too!