Friday, June 12, 2009

Longing for Lemon

Last week at our Friday Girls meeting, our hostess made a healthy lemon poppy seed loaf from the Eat Shrink and be Merry cookbook. I have their other 2 cookbooks (on loan from my sister). Anyway, this lemon loaf recipe was delicious and I only had a small slice. I should have had another and I've been longing for more ever since last week. Since I don't have that cookbook (yet) and the Friday girl hostess is gone on a vacation, I turned to the Internet to find a healthy lemon poppy seed loaf recipe. I found this recipe on the Superstore's President's Choice website . I has a bit of whole wheat flour and yogurt as some of the ingredients. So it must be healthy right? Well I made it. It was tasty. I still want to try the other one and compare. So I cut the loaf in half and put half in the freezer, and hopefully, my hubby will help me eat the other half. I'm hoping that will will squelch my lemon loaf craving, at least temporarily.

Now, I'm looking for more recipes to use up some poppy seeds. Got any suggestions?


Mary said...

I always do a mix when I need my Lemon Poppyseed fix. Good thing we're headed out of town or I'd have to run out and buy one, this looks tasty!

Anonymous said...

I have a low-fat recipe for lemon poppyseed salad dressing that is delightful. I will share the recipe with you. LB