Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yoga Mat Bag

I took my first yoga class at the gym yesterday. I quite enjoyed it and I've been needing to add some stretching and flexibility movements to my exercise program. I now know why one would need a bag to carry their yoga mat in. It's the most awkward thing to carry around in your car without unravelling.

This morning, I made this one up as a prototype. I looked at a few tutorials like this one, and this one by Amy Butler. But I didn't really want to fuss with a circular seam at the bottom. I did get the idea that the bottom of the bag doesn't need to be round from this tutorial. So armed with ideas, in less than half an hour, I made this prototype bag with folded corners and an open top. I'll use it for the next few times I go to yoga class. If I feel I need a few pockets, I can use Amy Butler's technique to add them.

Here is Mitchell modelling how my yoga bag is to be carried.

Here is Caitlin and Grace who were over for a visit this afternoon too. Notice Caitlin's hair. She braided it herself. She's going to be a hair dresser, you know! Grace wants to be a veterinarian. Mitchell said he wants to help animals too.

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