Saturday, January 12, 2008

Burnt Stew

Today was a quiet day. I went for my Orena walk early today, so that I could watch Mitchell's hockey practice on the other side of the rink after my walk. Poor Mitchell.. when I got there, he had just had a crash, wipeout, when another little timbit crashed into him on the ice. He was out of sorts for the entire practice.

Then I had a pretty quiet day, surfing, surfing, watching TV, etc. I decided we'd have stew for supper. I put on the stew to seer and then put water in the plan to let it simmer for a while. Simmer, all right.. The darn pot boiled dry and it was just starting to smoke when I went up to check on it... some 45 minutes later. It's hard to adjust the big burner on our stove to low, low, low.... Darn. It took exactly 1 minute for the house to fill with smoke, and by this time, I'm putting the burnt stew pot out on the deck, in a pile of snow and using a tea towel to make a human fan, fanning the smoke outdoors. Got the picture... So, we had a u-bake pizza for supper.

I can't tell you the last time I burned supper... Must have been 10 years ago. Mind you, I don't cook that many suppers by myself anymore, but I take all the credit for burning this one...

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dp said...

I boiled eggs dry just before Xmas. Got doing other things and forgot all about them. All of a sudden I heard "POP" upstairs and said "what the heck was that?". My brain answered my own question, and that sparked a sprint upstairs to find the burner red hot, and one egg already exploded, and the other 3 were looking like they were about to blow. I carried the pot outside and burned the railing of the deck, the pot was so hot! ugh.