Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tissue anyone?

I'm following my 25 weeks group... and they set out a requirement that we make 6 tissue holders in the month of January. So different little patterns for tissue holders have been suggested. Today, I thought I'd try one that somebody said was too friggy. It has a flap for a cover. I was in my sewing room and I did one, in 4 minutes flat. Really. It's so simple... So I made 5 plus the one I made last week. If you are into origami, and have a 5.5" x 21" piece of fabric. Give it a try. It's the neatest thing... I love easy projects like this that look hard, but are a snap. The picture in the pattern link is better than mine. I need to post this picture in my 25 weeks group file as proof I did my January project.

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