Thursday, January 10, 2008

To run, or not to run... that is the question!

So, is running better for you than walking? I guess the answer lies in the angle from which you look at it. I started to run, just to see if I could. When I learned that I could run, I thought I'd continue because it would help me loose weight. I'm now in my 3rd year of running and I've been faithful running between 4 and 5 km's per run, 3 times per week. I walk 3 times a week as well. Well, I haven't lost much weight, although I do think it slimmed my heavy legs up a bit. I recently read in prevention magazine, a suggestion that waking is better for burning fat and calories etc than running. By running, I could be sabbotaging my weight loss efforts. Does that even make sense? Could that be my problem? I really enjoy running. I think I'd rather run than walk. If I stop running, will I ever start running again. What do I do. I'm contemplating cutting my runs down to 2 times per week, and increase my walks by 1.

Argh....what it must be like not to ever have to watch your weight!!!
Other than being frustrated with my weight, I had a good sewing day.

---St. Dunstan's Quilt - got 70 9-patches and 50 4-patches done today.

---Baby A's quilt. I think it needs another narrow border, so I'm doing that tomorrow. I made a kleenex holder out of scraps from Baby A's quilt.

---And I embroidered a thistle family logo on 2 aprons for a friend of mine. Payment was a bottle of sparkling wine.... yum, my favorite.

Tomorrow, Friday, I'm hosting the Friday Girls quilt group. I'm anxious to see what everyone is up to after the holidays.

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S said...

There are some interesting answers here:
I imagine running is a lot better for your heart, though. And probably the difference in calories burned isn't so much that you can't correct for it with diet.