Thursday, January 17, 2008

Quilting DVD

Well I got my Pajama Quilter DVD yesterday. I have decided that this year, I'm going to work on my free-motion machine quilting skills. So I ordered this DVD after seeing another quilters blog where she showed a fantastic sample after watchint the dvd once. Well I watched it off and on since yesterday. It does look easy enough. Part of the practice, is to practice on a whiteboard with dry erase makers, so off to Walmart I went, and to pick up these training materials. The gal in the video makes it look so easy. All her samples are shown on the longarm quilt machine, but the techniques apply to the domestic machines. So I plan to practice a bit in the next 2 days on the whiteboard. My instinct is to jump right on the machine and try it... but I've got the whiteboard stuff now, so I'll do that.

I'm so proud of Mert. All week he's been painting our 2 upstairs bathrooms. Yesterday we decided to change the light fixtures. I had the idea we were going to call an electrician in to change the fixtures, but he did it himself. What a guy. One of the bathrooms is totally done now, and we bought new accessories tonite. It looks so much nicer. We have the curly energy lightbulbs in each of the 3 globes over the mirror. They don't look too bad. We discovered, there are different colors of white light bulbs... some look yellowish when lit...

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