Wednesday, January 9, 2008

French Rose Bud quilt top finished

I worked for the past 2 days to put this top together. It's sweet. The roses will bloom after it gets washed a couple of times. The raw edges of the flowers and the inner flowers are clipped. So fraying is expected and will soften the look. It needs to be layered with batting anc backing and quilted before it can be washed. I'll just do that next week. So tomorrow and probably Thursday is dedicated to the St. Dunstan's Burgoyne Surround quilt. I expect to put about 4 or 5 solid days into sewing that top.

Have you ever heard of a Pack 'n Play? I had never heard of it, until Carrie suggested that having one would be useful. It is a portable playpen. I've been looking at them online and I agree, since Baby A. will likely spend nights in all our homes, it would be good to have a portable crib. So we think we'll get one instead of putting up a full time traditional crib. We have a crib, but don't really have room in our spare room. When we had it up before, we had a twin bed in the spare room. Now it's a queen bed so just having a portable device will be great for us.


dp said...

I love the bright colors. How much fun. No, I haven't heard of a pack & playpen, but I will keep my eyes open around here.

Connie said...

I have a Pack and Play....I also have nine grandchildren. Eight of them have used it. It is great. You will love the convienence of not having to keep it up all the time; and if you do, it doesn't take up a lot of space.

Love the quilt top.

Connie in Texas