Thursday, January 3, 2008

City digs out.

Well, what I've learned about all this snow, is that, when it snows, I sew. I finished my second quilt top this week. It's the Burgoyne Surrounded for the St. Dunstan's Quilters. They get together once a week to quilt as a group, but most are too aged to sew any more. I really like the different way the borders are on this quilt. A great to showcase great quilting in the borders, and the rest is straight lines. The ladies will like that.

I had a little visitor today. Since school is starting on Monday, I had Grace come over today to do her craft. Patience bought her this cute make it yourself Ballerina kit. Grace loved, loved, loved doing it. Great Gift Pear... Tomorrow Mitchell will come for a visit after his doctor appointment. On Saturday, Caitlin will come over. We'll be making fuzzy soft pillows.
My Aunt Mae sent me a card - or I thought it was for me. Inside was a baby card and a note to Patience. I was thrilled with the homemade look of the card. Isn't it cute.
I've started to work on Baby Aurora's hat to go with her sweater. It'll only take me a few days... I'll post a picture when I'm done. The pattern is an old pattern that my late sister in law, Zelda, gave me years ago.


dp said...

What an awesome card from Aunt Mae. SSSSS ooooo cute. The craft with Grace looks adorable. Fun things you do grammie!!! The quilt is pretty nice too, but not as nice as mine you made me

Linda_J said...

Hi, Gail and thanks for stopping by my place. You have not been at this blogging long! Welcome to blogger land.

I went to reply to your comment to one of my recent posts and found your setting are set to "no reply" but no matter. It is much better to visit your blog and see what you are up to!

Lovely Burgoyne Surrounded and soon to be added Holly quilt! What fun with the grandkids too and preparing for another one soon.

You commented about the sweater we both may have knit? It may well be the same one if it came from Paton's 514 "Irresistable Arans" Mine is the one on the back cover but I also have a good bit of #8 Cabled Cardigan done from the same book. I needed something to work on a flight home to IL two years back and my fingers were flying too.

That is set aside though in favor of from the neck down raglan cardigan. I'm approaching the sleeve divides at this point--easy stockinette on circular needles so easy pick up and set down work. The Arans always take a bit to find where I left off even with the scrawled notes and row counters.

Hey, I wonder if a row counter would help me keep track on my laps on the indoor walking track I have had to use the past few days when the weather got so frigid down here? HMMMMMM