Monday, January 21, 2008

Getting ready for baby.

Patience came home at the last minute for the weekend. So we worked on getting ready for baby at Grammie's house. We set up the new pack and play. What a good deal. I bought it second hand from a guy at work. It's just like new. It is set up as a bassinet right now, but when the baby is 15 lbs, it must be taken out.. I made receiving blankets and a pad to fit over mattress. I think I'll make 2 fitted sheets too. It's not the same size as a crib mattress, or the same thickness either. We take Patience back to Saint John tomorrow morning.
Next on my list is to make fabulous lunches for Jessica and Emily who are coming through on Thursday, enroute to Bangor. There, they'll be taking an airplane to Florida, where they'll be catching a cruise.

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Unknown said...

oh, whats for lunch... I hope you make them a bag of chocolate rocks. They are my new favorite lunch snack. Good thing I can't dig any up around here!!!