Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hodges comes for a visit

Today Grace and Caitlin came for a visit while their brother went to play hockey. Grace and Caitlin made yummy chocolate cupcakes. They made some for Mitchell too. I forgot to take a picture. In their rush to get all dressed and ready for daddy, Grace forgot Hodges here. He's a special little kitty that she sleeps with (along with a dozen other animals). Well I asked her if Hodges could sleep with Grammie and Grampie tonite. She said yes. So at first hodges said, I want to sleep with Angel, Graces other cat that stays here all the time. Then Hodges said, I want to sleep with Grampie cause Angel sleeps with Grampie every night. Then Hodges said, I really really want to sleep with grammie tonite. So Hodges will sleep with grammie tonite on her pillow..

Oh, the things we will do to avoid driving a forgotten toy home...

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dp said...

I don't think kitty like Hodges in his bed. How lucky is Grampa to have a Gracie pet to sleep with every night. Maybe Grammie will get to chose one of Gracie's pets to keep every night.

**Ps, now I know how I lost the comment from the last blog... I didn't do the "word Verification", I just went straight to the password thingie... and you lose the comment if you don't do the word verification first.!!! Just did it again.. Learned something new today.