Monday, January 14, 2008

A Snowy day in Freddy Beach

I feel like I've used this title before. Yes, it is snowing again... Blizzarding, I should say. Yesterday was so nice. It was clear and sunny. The sidewalks were 95% clear, so guess what I did. I put on my lipsil and went for my run outside. OMG, that felt so good. I didn't run as far as I normally do. I ran a loop that I know is to be about 3km and it was all sidewalk - no trail. I was sweaty and happy when I got home. Oh, I hope I can run outside again this month. It was enough to purk my spirits.. for a day or 2 anyway.

I'm making a tea cozy for my friend Julie. She was whining today that her green tea, gets cold while she's waiting for it to steep. So I said I'd make her cozy. I asked her if she wanted frilly... and she said, you know that's not my style... So here's the cozy I made for her using a pattern off of Mary Engbright's free craft patterns website. It's called the Bloomin Tea Cozy. I didn't put the flowers etc, as I was looking for a quick project. I looked through my stash and found this fish fabric. I think it's fabulous and it has 2 focused scenes... I did free motion around the pink eninimi and the crazy prickly fish. and all the other fish too.. It's cute and functional. I think her kids will love it...I'll give it to her on Thursday when we go out for lunch. She's buying.

I need to take a break from making quilts for a day or two. I love making little projects. So I'm also making her and the other 2 girls I work with my original MP3 bags. It's a little pattern I made for myself to solve a problem of tangled earphones in my purse. Because of my juicebag fame and the Canadian Living article coming up, Julie now teases me and wants to know if I'm going to contact Canadian Living with my mp3 bag. I'll just post a pic of the 3 bags tomorrow when they are done. I just have the initial embroidered on them right now. Actually I might make one for CL and send it, who knows... I could use the money!


Unknown said...

This is weird. I commented last night on the tea cozy!!! and my comment didn't show up. So here goes again. I love the tea cozy but even more, I love the fabric. Its very fun.
Good for you for running outside. Something to look forward to when our next thaw happens

cpm said...

You are going to be in Canadian Living? Donna has a celebrity for a sister? Wow! Make sure to tell us what issue. How exciting!