Saturday, January 5, 2008

A visit from Mitchell

Friday, I had a visit from my grandson, Mitchell. He loves to come visit. He always greets me with a hug around my legs. He such a cutie. We did a variety of things including sewing a fluffy soft pillow cover for a round bolster pillow for his bed, and making muffins. Didn't you love it when you were a kid, and you could lick the bowl and lick the spoon. Because he's a triplet, its rare he gets both the bowl and spoon at home. Today, Caitlin comes for her visit. Yesterday, when Mert brought Mitchell home, she told her mother she wanted to go to bed - now - so that it could be tomorrow - and her turn to come to Grammie's... That is so funny. So, our activities for the day will be cooking, sewing. I might try her on knitting. Since I'm knitting baby Aurora's hat, she and I can spend half an hour knitting.

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